Jack of all trades, master of none.'Kujo' ✧ alternatively, 'Sugi' or Liam
19 ✧ he/him
Beginner modder, artist, writer, roleplayer, gposer, beginner animator(?), gamer and whatever tf I decided to learn to do this week.


While I can't make you not interact with me,(it's the internet, duh.) I do reccomend not talking to me if you think you can't respect my wishes. Otherwise, I'll probably block you. shrugs

When you pick a fight in this town, you’d better pick carefully.

  1. No minors, 18+: While I'm not that old myself, I do make some nsfw content and generally would prefer to interact with people my age or older.

  2. Basic human decency: DNI criteria, and this isn't an invitation to debate. No lalalewders or anything degenerate like that. (Sane kinky degens are fine.)

  3. Don't use my work for personal profit: Everything I make, when it comes to modding, is free. Only 'paid' instances are if I am commissoned to make or port something. You got no business attaching a price tag to it. Same goes for my other work.

  4. I can't believe I have to say this: Please don't flirt with me. I'm sure you're wonderful, but I am definetly not interested.

  5. Dont port my shit on these: Otopop, or any other nsfw lalafell body, any gen3 body, b*mbo+, or its derivatives.


  1. Please be patient: I am a very busy person, juggling school, work and hobbies. It may take a while for me to get back to you. It doesn't mean I don't care or am not interested. ILY!

  2. Communicate: Any NSFW or trigger worthy topics must be discussed before they will take place in the RP.

  3. I am very selective: I'm picky about long term RP and would like to gradually build up a connection.

  4. Keep IC & OOC seperate: I am not my charaters, and their interactions with yours do not reflect my feelings or beliefs.

  5. Do not romantisize my characters' toxic behaviour or trauma: I write all sorts of characters. Some of them are genuinely horrible, abusive people. This does not mean I condone this behaviour or want to rp something that sexualizes or or romantisizes it.

Especially when you’re carrying a wad of cash.

About me.

How do I always end up back in this damn city?

The man, the beast... kinda

Liam !

I'm not sure what to say here honestly. I'm a pretty normal guy, outside of my eccentric personality and workaholic tendencies. I guess it's important state that I'm autistic and dyslexic, so apologies for any typos or odd behaviour. (Please do tell me if I crossed some kind of line, communication is key.) I say slurs I can reclaim and I only list labels that I feel like listing. You can literally learn more by asking or just talking to me.I'm very interested in all forms of art and teach myself anything that helps me realize my ideas. I believe gatekeeping shouldn't exist and will always help anyone willing to learn when it comes to anything I do. WCIF friendly and always up to get to know new ppl. (I am shit at answering dms tho lololol)Sometimes I explore very dark topics with my characters because it interests me and I think it's important to face less-savory parts of life and depict them with nuance and understanding. If that's not your cup of tea, my socials probably aren't for ya.

  • I have a special interest in culture, Edo period Japan, organized crime (currently fixated on yakuza & the delinquent subcultre connected to it) and warfare.

  • My favorite writer of all time is Albert Camus.

  • I really fucking love the RGG/Yakuza game series, if you haven't noticed... lol

  • Other shit I like: JJBA, Golden Kamuy, Metalocalypse, Crows Zero, Yaji & Kita, Dunmeshi, Jim Carrey movies (sorry), WoW lore (SORRY), Ichi the Killer, Wrestling, games by suda, OFF, Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales / Mononoke, Kuuchuu Buranko, VKEI etc. I could go on and on #consoomer

  • Outside of my mainline hobbies, I'm also dabbling into animation and streaming.

  • I do Bullseye shooting & Field shooting as a sport.

All the bad luck in the world shouldn't make your dream less worth pursuing.


Discord: oschon


A comprehensive list of all my characters and information on them as well as their carrds.

ボディコンを舐める Dandy シャンパンの雨降る晩に

Sugimoto Saichi

The Wolf of Mibu (main)

A Dragonsong war veteran who had grown up in Limsa Lominsa. Also known in Kugane as the wolf of Mibu because of his fierce reputation during his time in the Sekiseigumi. Has served under many, loyal to none. He recently decided to leave the 'dirty work' behind, enoying his pseudo-retirement.

erp ✓ | unlabeled | carrd


Lieutenant's Right Hand

An elder Wood Warder who has abided the Green Code for hundreds of years. His newfound hunger for freedom and change in his life has pushed him to leave his tribe. Unfortunately, he ended up crossing paths with the Garlean Army, promptly joining them. His motives for doing so are unknown.

erp ✓ | bisexual | carrd[WIP]

Ryoma Sakamoto

A Warrior From Faraway Lands

Summoned from one of the reflections, she seems to be on a quest to discover the truth behind a myth that hails from The Source. With a heavy heart and an iron fist, she forges her path.

erp ✗ | bisexual | carrd[WIP]

Kim 'Tia'

A Man Without A Past

A miqote that simply.. appeared one day. No one knows his origins or even his full name, instead opting to call him 'Kim Tea' because of him resembling a Sun Seeker. Not long after appearing, he began a small, self-run, Detective Agency.

erp ✓ | bisexual | carrd[WIP]

Musashi Miyamoto

Garlemald's Special Division Lieutenant

Head Lieutenant of the Garlean special division. Has a keen interest in people wielding unusual magicks. Rumors say he wields some unusual power himself, yet no one has ever seen him using it.

erp ✓ | aro-bi | carrd[WIP]

Adrian Durendaire

The Loyal Knight of Ishgard

A man of few words, preferring only to speak if he has something of value to say. Fought alongside Sugimoto and, to his greatest shame, is the one who led the troops the Au Ra was part of to their death.

erp ✓ | homosexual | carrd[WIP]

Morgause Dumaire

Foresaken by Faith

A brave hero, scorned for using the dark arts. Yet loved by few for her selflessness. With time, her belief in the warmth of the human heart wavered, and she disappeared without a trace. You can still hear legends of her great deeds when speaking to the eldery in the foundation.

erp ✓ | lesbian | carrd[WIP]

世界はまるで Candy 甘い蜜の味


and all that jazz..

This is where you can throw a lil'bit of cash my way or commission me to draw & make stuff for ya. Tips aren't expected, but appreciated.

Mod Commissions.

Currently closed as I work towards improving my skills and am busy with IRL stuff.

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